Pole Time

Long time followers of my twitter and blog may remember that a few years ago, Rosie and I started pole dancing. Unfortunately, at that time, the instructor we were working with opened a new studio which was very difficult to get to, and we had to give up. Since then, we’ve looked around for another studio, but without being able to drive, most are just too far away to be able to get there.

However, we are now in a house where we can install a pole of our own, and over this weekend, with the assistance of The Chap, that’s exactly what we did!!

So we now have a pole on which to start learning/relearning basic tricks and spins, and start building up our strength again.

I’m very excited to be able to start playing on the pole again, but it’s going to be tough to make myself take it slowly and start building up again from scratch. It’s going to be tempting to assume I can jump back in where I left off, but I’m a lot less fit, and a lot more injured than I was back then, so there is no way I can expect to be able to do everything I could before.

However, I am looking forward to working hard, and building back up to where I was before, and hopefully progressing beyond that as well. Once I can do a little more, I might start filming my practise to share with the rest of the world as well!!

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