Good Stuff – January 2016

I want to try to blog each month, looking back at the good things that have happened over the previous month. It’s part of my plan to keep focussed on the positive things in my life, without letting the negative stuff and stresses overwhelm me. So, in no particular order, here are my good memories from January 2016:

  • Starting the year with new friends, and having an older friend join us after his party had finished elsewhere. Lots of chatting, and singing, and The Chap and I exchanged a lot of drunken, filthy sexts!
  • Having a catch up chat with Pandora, hearing about her time in Australia, getting some good news, and making plans together. Realising that we have both missed working together over the past year, and that we both look forward to working together more over the next year.
  • Spending time with The Chap during a weekend when I was not at my best. My pain levels were high, and I was rather spaced out on painkillers, but he looked after me, gave me a gentle massage, and when I was stood in the supermarket with no idea what I’d gone in to buy, he remembered my shopping list and made sure we got what we needed. It’s reassuring that even when I’m not at my best, he’s not going to run off.
  • Spending a weekend with Rosie, my mum, and my sister-in-law. There was brunch, followed by cocktails, followed by afternoon tea, followed by cocktails, followed by dinner, followed by cocktails. Lots of fun, lots of girly time.
  • Waking up from a bad dream to find one of my kitties snuggled on my chest, the other snuggled on my legs – they look after their mother.
  • Getting to play Bioshock for the first time since it first came out – it’s just as good as I remember it, and I’m looking forward to playing more!
  • NEW SHOES!!! They’re utterly rediculous, I can’t walk in them, but they’re amazing, I love them, and I love R for convincing me I need them in my life.
  • Managing to avoid getting the cold that everyone else in the polycule seemed to have.
  • Baklava. I’ve eaten more of it this month than I think I’ve eaten over the entire rest of my life. I regret nothing.
  • Submitting two of my films to the British Fetish Film Festival.  I’ve submitted both Cunt, and What Are You, and I’m interested to see which they choose to show!

Here’s looking forward to what good times Feb brings!!

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