Kink of the Week – Urolagnia

wrote this several weeks ago when the Kink of the Week *was* actually Urolagnia, but for some reason, entirely failed to publish it.  So, here it is, very late, but still interesting (I hope!)

Urolagnia. A fetish which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination

A simple enough concept, but when you really look into it, it covers so many different things.
Golden showers, desperation, knicker wetting, public pissing. And I have to admit to being a fan of most aspects of piss play, and have incorporated a lot of it into my work, but there’s one I rarely talk about in public.


I love the feeling of a full bladder. Most of the time, if I’m alone, and masturbating, my bladder will be full. Sometimes just gently at that “I should probably piss in a bit” stage, other times it’s more “oh fuck, I need to piss NOW”. I love enforced desperation, being denied permission to use the toilet, being made to focus on the feeling of my bladder filling. I love spending an evening to myself, drinking tea, and glasses of water, the anticipation building as I know what is happening in my body.

And I love seeing others desperate. Watching them squirm as their bladder fills. In my fantasies I keep refilling their glass, knowing that soon that liquid will start to take effect on them. Then teasing, kissing them, touching them, turning them on. Watching their body’s confusion, their conflict, as they try to decide which urge is going to win. Straddling their lap, pinning them down, holding them in place. Playing with them as their desperation grows, their desperation to piss and to come. Eventually seeing which urge will win out.

So… that’s a little bit more about my interest in watersports!!

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