A Close Up

Way back in November, before ATVOD decided to screw over small fetish producers, Pandora and I embarked on Big Location Shoot 2014. As part of this, we spent a day shooting for Nimue’s World, and as it was just Pandora and I, I took the opportunity to try a few new things, along side the spanking and BDSM fun we usually get up to.

One of the new things we shot was a selection of body part close ups – the idea being that I would edit them together to give a close up view of my body, from my head to my toes. And I did start editing that.

However, when I came to edit the clip that Pandora had filmed, which was a close up of my cunt, my plan went out the window a little. I realised, as I was watching, that I had never seen my cunt so close up before. I love masturbating as I watch myself in a mirror, but that’s not quite the same as watching my spread cunt fill my screen. The more I watched the clip, the more I realised that I didn’t want to hide this powerful image in a compilation video.

Anyone who has watched mainstream porn has probably seen a lot of cunts but mostly they are being played with or penetrated. They are almost never shown in full screen, high definition. Showing each crease of skin, each fold, each glimmer of wetness. They’re hidden by fingers, tongues, toys, cocks. They’re shaved, waxed, smooth.

As soon as I realised that I could release this incredibly intimate footage as a stand alone clip, I knew I had to do it. I had realised that a cunt is a thing of beauty on its own, and I wanted to share that beauty with the world.

If you’d told me back in November, that I would release this close up as a video, I probably would have told you I was too shy for that. That something like that was too intimate – a view that only my lovers get. But now that I have shown the world that lovers-eye view, I feel amazing. Why wouldn’t I show the world how beautiful my cunt is?

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