Memories from a Holiday

I’ve been seeing the chap for a little while now, and not long ago he took me away for a dirty weekend (well, Monday – Wednesday) in a lovely hotel near Hay-On-Wye. I’ve been trying to blog about it in some sort of chronological order, but so much happened, I think I am just going to share some of my favourite memories.

  • As soon as we’d got to our room, going straight into the (very large) shower, where I ended up on my knees, his cock in my mouth as the water flowed over us both.
  • Giggling at every meal we had in the hotel, as it appeared we were the only guests (we were assured that there was AT LEAST one other guest in the hotel both nights, though we never saw them and the staff still greatly outnumbered guests!)
  • Teasing each other over dinner. My enjoyment of this may have been increased by the fact I had pleasure balls in all evening.
  • Upon returning to the room, being bent over and made to come, before said pleasure balls were abruptly removed and replaced with something far more intimate.
  • Spending a cold, wet, windy day wandering in and out of the bookshops in Hay, buying many, many books, and discovering that none of the shops had in a lot of the books we were particularly looking for
  • Lunch in lovely cafe where there was a very tolerant kitty sleeping in the window
  • Soaking in a huge bath together after our cold day of walking, ending up with us both needing a shower to get clean
  • Drinking wine in bed, talking, opening up to each other.
  • The feeling of him letting go, fucking me as hard and rough as he wanted, as he sunk his teeth into my neck, leaving a large bruise for us to giggle at over breakfast the following morning.
  • Spending a morning in bed napping, and reading the books we had purchased the previous day.
  • Having many, many orgasms, and squirting A LOT.
  • His face as he came on my chest.
  • Travelling home, still able to smell him on me, and knowing he could smell me on him.

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