KOTW – Blood Play

I love blood play. And it’s difficult to explain why without turning into a puddle!

I remember the first bit of porn that got me interested in needle play and blood play, and that was an old Insex.com movie called The Proposal – Part 2. I can still remember the scene now. As viewers, we didn’t see the needles going on, the clip started with Claire Adams (known on Insex as AZ) in place, needles piercing her all over, each needle pulled out and attached to a fibreglass rod. It was extreme predicament bondage and I was entranced.

But it wasn’t the predicament that really got me hooked, it was the “after” images. AZ covered in blood, as it ran down from each needle site. It was then I realised that might have a bit of a “thing” for blood.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of blood play, in a lot of different ways, and if I didn’t have worries about being marked, it would feature even more in my sex. One of my favourite things these days is being cut with a scalpel while being fucked. Either on my torso, where I can see the blood and smear it around, or on my wrist or neck, where my partner can lap up my blood. Even better if my partner doesn’t mind shedding a little of their own blood as well, so I can lap up their blood, or mix it with mine on our bodies.

It’s not something I engage in with a lot of people, because there’s no way to make the sort of blood play I do “safe sex”. That means that I save it only for partners I am fluid bonded with to begin with. And that keeps it special.

I love finger painting with blood, smearing it, watching it dry on skin. I love seeing it start to bead up along the line of a cut, or where a needle has been removed. I love feeling it running down my skin, the warm, tickly feeling. I love the taste and the smell of blood. I love the feeling of a tongue licking along a cut. I love giving my wrist to someone to “feed” from.

I generally don’t talk a lot about my interest in blood play, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because it’s still seen as being a very extreme form of play. Or maybe it’s just because it’s something which I find incredibly intimate. You can’t get much more intimate than playing with the substance that runs through our bodies and keeps us alive.

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