There’s quite a few questions I get asked on a regular basis, so I thought now would be a good time to compile a FAQ!! If you’ve got questions for me that aren’t answered on here, feel free to get in touch and ask, and I can add them.

Are you submissive in “real life”? I am not submissive, and the more I look back over my life, the more I realise that I never have been. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed all the extreme bdsm shoots I’ve done in the past, it just means that my motivation wasn’t to please anyone other than myself. I am a masochist, which means that I love pain and suffering, and I put myself in situations where I can fulfill that desire. In my personal relationships I would say I am mostly a dominant sadomasochist – I love being in control, having pain inflicted on me, and inflicting pain on others.

When are you going to grow your hair back out? I’m not planning on growing my hair back out. You can read more about what it means to me to have my hair short here

Please tell me more about having your hair shaved off, why did you do it, how did it feel? You can read about my headshaving experience here, and here

When are you going to shave your body hair off? I have no plans to shave my body hair off, unless someone is paying me money to do so! I’m currently keeping my body hair natural for a few reasons. Mainly because I like how it looks and feels to be hairy, and because all the forms of hair removal I have tried in the past have left me with very sore, irritated skin, and a lot of ingrown hairs. Not sexy in any way!

How did you get into the industry? I never set out to get into the industry. It just sort of happened by accident. I’ve always been an exhibitionist, so when my partner at the time suggested that I should do a porn shoot, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. My first shoot with Shadowslaves, lead to my first shoot with UK Flashers the following week. Then shoots for ThePainfiles and English Spankers followed shortly after that. I spent a couple of years doing odd shoots here and there for websites, as well as some private custom films, before I ended up working behind the camera on the Shadowslaves farm for a while. It was then that I started to realise that this was possibly something I wanted to do full time, and when I returned home from there, I started the process of planning for my own website.

What’s your sexuality? I am pansexual. If I am interested in someone, then their gender doesn’t influence my attraction to them.

Why have I never seen you do X on film? Either because I’ve never done X on film, or you’ve just been looking in the wrong places!! I’ve never done a b/g sex scene. There are a lot of reasons for this, and I have thought about it on many occasions, but it always comes back to just feeling like it’s not something I would enjoy doing. I love doing bdsm and spanking with the wonderful guys i’ve worked with though! These days, I would do b/g scenes under certain circumstances – ie, for one of my own projects, and with a guy I know and feel comfortable with. I have done anal play on film on only one or two occasions, because it’s not something I generally enjoy. The times I have done it have been on specific occasions where it felt right for me to do it.

Are you single? No, I am not single. I have a very wonderful nesting partner in Rosie, and I am also dating The Chap, who visits regularly.

How can I see more of you? The best place to see more of me is on my website!! Nimue’s World

Tell me more about that movie where you did that thing, with the stuff and you were wearing the clothes/tied to the place. I’ll need a few more details than that to be able to pin-point the exact scene you’re talking about, but if you can provide me with a link to it, or an image from the scene, that should be enough for me to identify it, and then tell you all about it!

I’m your biggest fan, I’ve seen all your work on *freetubesite* While it’s always nice to hear that people enjoy the work I do, watching it on tube sites does not help to support myself, or the other producers I work with. Without people paying for our work, we can’t afford to produce more of the content you love. If you love my work, and want me to keep making more, then the best way to support me is either to join my website, or buy your favourite movies from my clips4sale store.

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